• Adjust the area code in Vietnam 2017

    Adjust the area code in Vietnam 2017 ( Vietnam applies extensive area code change )

    Adjust the area code in Vietnam 2017

    Currently, Vietnamese area codes range from one to three digits and lack in a clearly defined system of organization. Under the updated structure, all area codes outside of Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi, and its financial hub, Ho Chi Minh City, will be standardized to three digits in length. Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi will be shifted to area codes of two digits, away from their current one digit codes. In addition to standardizing length, all area codes will now start with the number two, opposed to the prevailing area code classification which allows for any number.

    For those living or traveling in Vietnam, or Vietnamese based investors routinely coordinating with partners outside of Vietnam over the phone, it will be important to understand how and when area codes will change and the correct number at which differing parties may be reached.

    Please see below for a stage by state timetable covering all of these jurisdictions: 

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