Plastic Buckles For Strapping

Plastic Buckles For Strapping

Plastic Buckles for Strapping is characterized by flexibility, achieve the necessary stiffness, locking plastic belt can withstand high temperatures is used mainly in the packaging of seafood, garments, ...

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  • Strap Buckles - Plastic

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    Product Specifications:
    Main materials: PP plastic or PE plastic (The product is made from 100% plastic resin. The plastic beads are in kg, the number of plastic beads may be more than the packing below).

    Product's name

    Product specifications


    Straps fit

    Strap Buckles - Plastic

    12-16 mm

    25kg / bag
    (≥ 500 units / kg)

    Straps 12-16 mm

    Hung Phuoc Loi Plastic Company is a plastic company that directly produces, supply plastic straps with straps PP strapping, no bat press.
    Strap Buckles - Plastic used for straps, sizes 12mm-16mm for PP straps, PE straps, used in lightweight packages and in environments with high metal oxidation such as salts. Plastic bucket belt of Hung Phuoc Loi Plastic Company is easy to use, can be used manually or by hand tools, not afraid of rust, low price, help goods are not shoved. fall down. Long-lasting plastic strap is used as a plastic buckle, plastic beetle of Hung Phuoc Loi Plastic Company is made of pure plastic material, so it has toughness characteristics, achieve the necessary hardness, plastic buckle belt. able to withstand the temperature of 40oC used in packing seafood, garment, footwear ... export to Global market
    Strap Buckles Plastic for Hung Phuoc Loi Plastic Manufacturing Company direct production (Contact company for wholesale price, or buy large quantity for competitive price).

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