Hung Phuoc Loi Company was established on March 12, 2014. Over 30 years, from the foundation to date (precursor is Thieu Cai Plastic Factory established in 1983). Specialized in manufacturing and processing plastic and rubber products, from molding to finished plastic / rubber.

Please send us the following information:
Company name + Tax code + address + phone number & contact email (whatsapp/zalo/..if any)
How much need produced (orders/month/year)
3d and PDF drawing files: product dimensions and weight
Material :
Plastic: name of plastic type (primary / recycled - domestic use / export - country of use? If exporting, we only accept primary production)
Rubber: name of rubber (Uses: Need to withstand impact, withstand harsh environments, withstand friction, withstand chemicals, ... High-class / cheap)

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